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Quota Christmas Gift and Craft Fair - Quota International of Salisbury Maryland

Sheriff’s Kids Program

The Quota Sheriff's Kids Program is designed for Quota Clubs to work with their local protective services agency responsible for the care of children removed from their homes and parents during violent or harmful situations.  Traditionally, these children are allowed to take plastic garbage bags with some personal items if there is time to do so and they have been referred to as "garbage bag kids."  This Program provides an alternative to the traditional garbage bag and the accompanying name for these children. In Wicomico County the Department of Foster Care and Adoption is responsible for the care and placement of these children. Quota of Salisbury obtains Duffel Bags and diaper bags and fills them with items such as toiletries, pajamas, underwear, socks, toys, books, or baby necessities and provides them to the Department.  It is very important for these children to have something of their own at this time, especially when there is no time to bring something from home. The bags and items are given to the children, belong to the children and do not have to be given back. This enhances their self-esteem during a very difficult time in their young lives and eases their transition into foster care. Currently an average of 43 children a year are placed locally in foster care.  The majority of these children are from the City of Salisbury.  The Quota of Salisbury Court Kids Program will address the needs of these children. For more information about the Quota Sherif Kids Program, please contact us here.  If you would like to support this program send us a message using the form below. [contact-form 3 "Donate"]